Broadening Horizons Recycling

Broadening Horizons Recycling, in partnership with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Town of Gander and Scotia Recycling, provides curbside collection of beverage containers, paper products and cardboard to the residents of Gander, as well as commercial paper/cardboard collection for the local business community. Not only does our program help protect our environment, it also provides meaningful employment skills and opportunity for persons with disabilities.

Broadening Horizons Recycling is established as a group employment opportunity which allows individuals with intellectual disabilities to work in a supported environment. Clients of our program are employed in the collection and sorting of recyclables gathered. This initiative addresses the Town of Ganderís need for enhanced waste diversion and the need of individuals with intellectual disabilities the option of a group employment opportunity.

According to the Government of Newfoundland and Labradorís Waste Management Strategy, it was essential that we divert 50% of the waste going to our landfills by 2010. Curbside collection of recyclables is an important step in reaching this milestone. Recycling is necessary if we are to extend the life-span of our current landfills, thereby protecting the environment and contributing to healthier, cleaner and more beautiful communities.

Broadening Horizons Recycling is operated in a not-for-profit format with all funds going back into the project, as well as other charitable programs, including those to benefit individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The Broadening Horizons Program has become a leader in our community with respect to waste diversion. This was accomplished by doing curbside collection of recyclables for the entire community, educating the public on waste diversion, partnering with businesses in waste diversion and increasing the list of items we recycle as the business grows.

Broadening Horizons

The Broadening Horizons Program exists to respond to the needs of adults with intellectual disabilities utilizing creative and innovative means through partnerships achieved within the community.

In January, 2003, the Community Action Group for Adults with Developmental Disabilities was formed out of a common concern that there needed to be more opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities in the Gander area.

After completing months of research including several town hall meetings, travel within and outside the province to visit other related programs, as well as home visits with affected individuals, their families and caregivers, it was clear that two programs were needed to meet the needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities in our community:

  • A pre-employment program addressing life skills, work skills, social skills and recreation needs.

  • A group employment opportunity which would allow individuals with intellectual disabilities to work in a supported environment receiving all the benefits, both personally and financially, that can be achieved through full-time or part-time employment.

In June, 2004, to assist with the programs it wished to initiate, The Community Action Group for Adults with Developmental Disability became a subcommittee of the Gander Branch of the VON. The program was renamed VON Broadening Horizons. It was believed that this would be a good relationship as both groups share a common desire to address this need within the community and have attributes that will complement each other, thereby greatly enhancing the success of the programs which were to be established.

The Broadening Horizons Program Mission Statement is:

  • To recognize, promote and ensure persons with disabilities have the supports to enable them to pursue an appropriate and attainable level of independence, self-reliance and participation in community life.