Q. What type of container/bag do I use for recycling?

A. Broadening Horizons Recycling will be using a clear recycling bag system. Any clear bag will be accepted as long as the driver can see the contents of the bag.

Q. Is Broadening Horizons Recycling providing containers/bags?

A. Broadening Horizons Recycling bags are available for residents to purchase for a small fee, or you may source your own clear bags.

Q. What do I have to do to my recyclables before I take them to the curb?

A. Broadening Horizons Recycling wishes to make recycling as convenient as possible for residents of Gander. We ask that all beverage containers be rinsed and liquid-free with caps and straws removed. All paper must be clean and dry. Cardboard must be broken down and bundled or placed in a clear bag.

Q. Is there any sorting involved?

A. The only sorting we require is that beverage containers be kept separate from paper products and cardboard.