Help support individuals with intellectual disabilities in your community by buying a limited edition print. Entitled “Awakening (Self-Reliance)”, this 23.5 X 17 inch print was produced from an original painting by local artist Gina Brown specifically to reflect the objective and mission of the programs offered by Broadening Horizons.


The lotus is revered in many cultures and provides a wonderful symbol of the life journey faced by our clients.

The lotus seed awakens in the mud and murky water of a still pond and begins to grow slowly toward the light and the water's surface. The exquisite lotus blossom rises above the water to bask in the sunlight.

The lotus symbolizes the struggle of life at its most basic form: the struggle to rise above adversity, through a reliance on one’s own strength and courage, to a life of beauty and meaning.

Each morning, for the short time while the individual flowers blossom, the lotus awakens and opens with the dawn of the new day. The lotus is a triumphant and beautiful symbol of courage, spirit and self-reliance, despite the tremendous adversities presented by its immediate environment.


Gina Brown (nee Ivany) was born in 1968 in Halifax, NS, into a military household, with proud parental roots in Newfoundland. Her love of drawing and painting was passed down from her father and remained a constant throughout her life. At the age of 36, she made the decision to change her life’s direction and invest in her longtime passion. After instruction with a local artist, she opened a small studio in her home and began oil painting in realism.

Gina has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (1991) from Memorial University and a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (1994) from Dalhousie. She currently resides in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, with her husband and three young children, where she also works as a TV host/co-producer in community television.


This edition is limited to 300 prints, available at the Broadening Horizons Recycling Depot. Cost is $40 per print, or $150 framed. Call 256-3526 to reserve your copy today.